Kanazawa Shutter Girl

Free Preview Screening

With the support of Ishikawa Toyota HAAT Group, NPO YOU-I (www.you-i.jp/en/about) is working together with Kanazawa Forus Aeon Cinema to provide a free screening of Kanazawa Shutter Girl for foreign residents living in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Kanazawa Shutter Girl is a new movie shot entirely in Ishikawa Prefecture, based on the story of the popular manga “Tokyo Shutter Girl”.

The movie focuses on the coming-of-age of a 16-year-old high school girl, against the backdrop of a changing Kanazawa due to the opening of the Shinkansen. (More on the story below)


Venue: Kanazawa Forus Aeon Cinema (map)
Date & time: 23 January 2018, 6:30pm
Movie language: Japanese with English subtitles
Seating capacity: 100
Cost: Free!

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“Even after we enter senior high, we’ll all remain best friends, won’t we…”
Kana Natsume is a senior high school student living in Kanazawa, who likes photography.
Ever since junior high, she was best friends with Kotoko, Shoko and Kaede.
After entering senior high, her friends began making new friendships and building their own new lives, while Kana was left yearning for the days of junior high, unable to move forward.
Trying to break away from her unspeakable loneliness, Kana joined the photography club, however she remained unable to find her place.
During summer vacation, she tried once again to rebuild the memory of the friendship group, by planning a camping trip to the beach…

Kanazawa Shutter Girl
Kanazawa Shutter Girl

Things change,
entering adulthood.
In their own words, these Kanazawa senior high school girls convey the insecurity of teenagers stepping out into a new world, with pain and longing, and glistening dreams…

Movie Trailer (Japanese)

Actual screening will include English subtitles


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