Multicultural Coexistence Symposium


Kanazawa City will hold a multicultural coexistence symposium in order to provide an opportunity for its foreign and Japanese residents to collectively consider and discuss multicultural coexistence.

The aim of this event is to deepen our understanding of multicultural coexistence, promote new initiatives by town councils, and to encourage participation as livelihood support volunteers in order to help create a society where foreign residents can live comfortably.

Event Name: Multicultural Coexistence Symposium
Date and Time: 22 September 2018 (Sat) 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Venue: Ishikawa International Students House, first floor (Morinosato, Kanazawa) (MAP)
Who can join: Residents of Kanazawa (limited to approx. 80 people)
Language: Mainly Japanese, with limited support for other languages
Organiser: Kanazawa City Hall
Cost: Free

Symposium Content

Lecture: “Multicultural Coexistence Societies, Now and into the Future”. Speaker: Taro Tamura (Chairman, Institute for Human Diversity Japan)
Case Study: Tagami Community Center
Panel Discussion: “Creating a society where foreign residents can live comfortably”. Panel members: Masahiko Sekido (President, Tagami Community Center), Seihiro Kitamura (President, Kanazawa International Exchange Foundation), Hikmah Balbeid (Kanazawa foreign resident, Kanazawa University international student support regional advisor), TBA (Kanazawa foreign resident, Kanazawa University international student (Chinese)) Moderator: Taro Tamura
Meet-and-greet: Informal free discussion time for participants, with tea and snacks

If you would like to join the event, please click the button below to register.


NPO YOU-I has been entrusted by Kanazawa City with managing some aspects of this event, including participant sign-up, etc.