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NPO YOU-I was founded with the objective of contributing to the internationalisation and cultural/economic development of local communities within Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. We aim to create opportunities for foreign residents, including international students, to gain experience in Japanese society and to actively participate within the community. We plan and participate in various international exchange events which are focussed on learning about and enjoying different cultures, regardless of race, nationality, language, religion, etc.

Action plan

  • Social enterprise initiatives
    Self-administration through business activities
  • Promotion of cooperation with local governments
    We implement initiatives that can only be achieved through coordination between local governments and NPOs
  • Civic activities with no individual expense burden
    We treasure the active participation of foreign residents and the younger generation
  • Business revenue is used in NPO activities

Board of directors

Position Name Nationality
Chairman Kazuo Yamada Japan
Vice-Chairman Sungpil Kim Korea
Director Tadahiro Yoshida Japan
Director Vadim Bushmakin Russia
Director Kayo Mochidate Japan
Director Priscilla Leung Hong Kong
Director Hikmah Balbeid Indonesia
Director Yui Goda Thai
Director Chris Jameson Australia
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